At Château Camou, we are striving day-in day-out to attain a single goal: creating great wines in Mexico. That is why every decision we make is aimed at achieving excellence in this marvelous and complex art of converting grapes into wine.

Our wines are born in the beautiful and tranquil mountains known as the Cañada del Trigo, buried in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, the most important wine growing valley in Mexico.
Our land has ideal conditions of both climate and soil, just right for Château Camou's vineyards originating from grafts of noble varieties from the Old Continent, to develop to their utmost under the Baja California sun.

At Château Camou, we have passion for quality and take great pains to insure using the fruit to its maximum. We have achieved an increase to 6,000 plants per hectare, the arrangement of grapevines in the form of the lyre, exhaustive maintenence of the vineyards, and meticulous harvesting -picking grapes cluster by cluster- as well as our sophisticated system of pressing, handling must by gravity, advanced fermentation methods and equipment. All of this is being done just so you can enjoy a great Mexican wine.